Kickstart Your Spiritual Business with Australia's top Psychics Janelle and Cael.

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Who is Janelle Bridge?

Janelle is Australia’s #1 OnlinePsychic. Who only recently discovered her psychic gifts over the past few years. 

When COVID came in March 2020, Janelle’s event hire company came to an instant halt. This unexpected pause allowed her breathing space to slow down and really throw herself into her psychic development even further.  On a whim she began offering readings to the public instead of just her friends and family. 

She utilised her business skills as a platform to launch her online psychic business.  
8 months and 350 paid readings later, this is now her full time career and there is no looking back!

Janelle is so passionate about building an “origami life” to suit your dreams, aspirations and family commitments, and she wants to show you the secrets as to how its done. 

She wants to share with you the formula she has used to build her 5 businesses from start-ups to success. 

Who is Cael O'donnell?

Cael is Australia’s #1 TikTok Psychic, who grew his Psychic Medium side gig from August 2020 and in 3 months, scaling his business to earn more than his professional career in the Mental Health Unit of a Hospital.

By leveraging social media and building his TikTok following organically, Cael was able to book his resignation interview, leave the 9-5 rat race and join the world of lightworkers making a healthy income doing what they love. 

Cael has a business brain and loves numbers, processes, digits and figures.

Cael’s interest and expertise in the course will cover topics like best practice pricing, pro tweaks to boost your branding and maximise your marketing for success!

Do you ...

Get Stuck going around in circles with ideas but no action?

Have no clients but an amazing spiritual gift?

Start off determined with a vision then drop off, rinse and repeat?

Want to reach more people with your craft but don’t know how?

Want to make your gift a full time business and leave the 9-5 world?

Have an amazing gift but need to strengthen your business/marketing brain? 

Know what you want but have no idea where to actually start?

Souls and Sales is no quick fix or golden ticket.

If you want to radically change the gears you’ve been stalling in and ACTUALLY make a profit and spread your work in 2021, you’ve hit the jackpot today.

But How is Souls and Sales is different to other business courses?

We tailor our course to involve precise principles that generate us hundreds of clients monthly!

We pull the lid off on the secrets we wish we knew earlier to avoid burnout and failure and soar in sales

You get direct, 1:1 access to your mentors in the course in a supportive FB group or ability to schedule a coaching call any day of the week (no robots). 

Learn from two of Australia’s leading lightworkers, not from random people who work in e-commerce or other business models. We know what souls need and we can help you reach them.

No spiritual start up course exists in the southern hemisphere. Souls and Sales is the first!